brand identity design

more than just a logo

I have worked with BIG brands and have gained BIG EXPERIENCE. However, my passion is to work with smaller businesses who are ready to elevate their game and take their brand identity design to the next level.

All creative aspects of branding and identity design including logo design, typography, colour, imagery, iconography, photography and graphic elements are undertaken. I deliver brand guidelines, graphic design and websites as well as work with suppliers to fulfil stationary, signage, and environmental requirements.

brand identity design

To create an effective brand identity design I discover what makes a business unique within it’s industry, explore it’s competitive landscape and identify the characteristics of it’s target audience. By understanding what makes a brand tick I can develop an effective brand strategy and a compelling brand identity.

Brand guidelines

brand guidelines

Brand guidelines are your go to document outlining exactly how your brand should look. My brand guidelines will define your brand’s visual elements and show how they should be applied so as to keep a consistent style across the entire spectrum of your companies communications.

logo design

logo design

I design logos knowing that they are one of the first things that a target audience will come to associate with your brand. My logo design service gives the the unique identity needed to stand out in a crowd and helps associate your business with a set of values and lifestyle choices.

product photography


Selling products online successfully will largely depend on the strength of your product photography. I have completed over 50 photo shoots in the last year and can help elevate any business that wants to sell their products and wares effectively online.

print design

Print & Packaging

Providing a full print and packaging design service I create innovative designs and advise on the perfect stock and materials for final output. I can also work with external suppliers delivering production ready files to a variety of applications.

social media graphics

Social media

I create unique, eye-catching social media graphics, info-graphics and images which represent my clients brands on social media platforms. I create designs for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Linkedin or any platform you choose to represent yourself on.


Website graphics

For those who already run a website but feel the graphics are outdated or just not good enough. You can use my design service to deliver new graphics and banners that will offer a little more in the ‘wow’ department and support your current marketing initiatives.

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